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Fake Foliage with attitude

It's time to let your

plants talk back.

get fucc'd

The fucculent

Perfect to spruce up any space in your home, dorm, or office. The elegant design of this fake succulent will have your guests asking... is that a plant??


Show Someone
you give a fucc

The perfect gift doesn't exist... Wait.

Send a fucculent to a friend. Holiday, birthday, new job, lost a job? why not reach out and tell a friend that you do indeed "give a fucc" about them. 

Work doesn't have to succ

Shake things up for the office gift exchange this year or upgrade your cubical decor and give your co-workers a laugh.


real plants can succ

Let's be honest... keeping a plant (even a succulent) alive is no easy task and you just don't have time for it. So, why not join the fake plant revolution? A fake succulent (aka fucculent) is the perfect way spruce up your space. 


“I sent a fucculent to my friend for their 30th birthday and I'll tell ya we both had quite the laugh”



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